Vaporesso OSMALL 2 Pod System Kit Review: Upgraded Performance and Enhanced Design

Vaporesso OSMALL 2 Pod System Kit

Vaporesso has introduced an upgraded version of their popular Osmall pod vape, the Osmall 2. With improvements in body construction, battery capacity, charging options, and leak protection, the Osmall 2 aims to deliver an enhanced vaping experience. In this review, we will explore the specifications, design, performance, and overall verdict of the Vaporesso Osmall 2.

Product Intro and Specs

The Vaporesso Osmall 2 retains the compact and lightweight nature of its predecessor, weighing 26.5 grams. It features a textured zinc alloy shell, which adds a touch of elegance and durability. The device comes with a 450mAh battery, offering a 29% increase in capacity compared to the original Osmall. Additionally, the Osmall 2 now incorporates a Type-C charging port, ensuring faster and more convenient charging.

Build Quality and Design


Compared to its predecessor, the Vaporesso Osmall 2 exhibits a significant improvement in build quality and design. While the original Osmall had a plastic body that felt somewhat cheap, the Osmall 2 is constructed with zinc alloy, lending it a more premium feel. The device maintains it’s rounded and flattened rectangular shape but introduces a new water flow texture, adding a subtle yet impactful enhancement.

Getting Started

Setting up the Osmall 2 is a hassle-free process. Simply remove the pod and seal from the bottom, fill the pod with your preferred e-liquid, and allow a few minutes for the wick to saturate. Refilling the pod is achieved by pulling it down from the top of the plug. It’s worth noting that pulling from the bottom may cause the entire plug to come out, although reinserting it is relatively easy.


The Vaporesso Osmall 2 offers a satisfying stealth MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping experience. Its tight draw emulates the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette, and the device operates quietly. The Osmall 2 maintains the ability to efficiently wick high VG juice, despite being designed for high-nicotine e-liquids. The coils demonstrate durability and can handle various juice ratios, enabling chain vaping without sacrificing performance. Compared to its predecessor, the Osmall 2 exhibits significant improvements in terms of gurgling and leaking issues.

Battery Life and Charging

With its 450mAh battery, the Osmall 2 provides a longer-lasting vaping experience, allowing users to potentially get through the day on a single charge. Charging the device through the Type-C port takes approximately 45 minutes, and the Osmall 2 supports pass-thru charging. However, the device lacks a clear indicator for the remaining battery life, as the LED light only flashes when the battery is depleted.

Pros and Cons


  • Efficient wicking for a wide range of e-liquids
  • Tight MTL draw suitable for high-nicotine vaping
  • Accurate and clean flavor delivery
  • Stealthy design with no obnoxious LEDs
  • Type-C charging
  • Improved metal body construction for enhanced durability
  • Affordable price point
  • Cross-compatibility with original Osmall pods
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Longer battery life compared to the original Osmall


  • Refill plug can be fiddly to reinsert
  • Difficulty in determining remaining battery life


The Vaporesso Osmall 2 is an impressive upgrade to the original Osmall, offering enhanced performance and design. With its ability to efficiently wick a variety of e-liquids, long-lasting coils, and a stealthy MTL vaping experience, the Osmall 2 appeals to those seeking simplicity, portability, and high-nicotine vaping. The device’s metal body, water ripple texture, and improved leak protection contribute to an overall improved feel and performance. Although it lacks clear battery life indicators and the refill plug can be slightly challenging, these cons are outweighed by the device’s many advantages. The Vaporesso Osmall 2 comes highly recommended for MTL enthusiasts looking for a reliable and affordable pod vape.

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