Tokyo saltnic – Iced lemon 30ml


Tokyo lemon ice saltnic fresh zesty lemons combined with icy mint and sweet fragrant honey together, will  send your palate back to the very first time you waited in line for this cool delicious flavor.


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Tokyo E-juice Available at VIP vape store Pakistan in
  • 30ml (Salt Nic)

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Among E-liquids, here we offer a wide variety of flavors among e juices, including fruits, desserts, breakfast and tobacco. however all these flavor notes are available in nic salts, Popular salt nicotine strengths include 25mg, 35mg, 50mg max,

Freebase e-liquids available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg, some are in 12mg and 18mg.

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Finally we offer some more famous salt nicotine like:

  • Naked Salt
  • Dinner Lady Salt
  • Nasty Salt
  • VGod Salt
  • Symphonic Salt
  • Skewezed Salt

Additional information

Nicotine Level:

20 mg, 30 mg, 50 mg


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