RELX Pro Pod Rich Tobacco


Experience the authentic taste of tobacco with RELX Pod Pro Rich Tobacco. Unlike other e-liquid flavors, it offers a genuine tobacco taste with rich nutty notes


Introducing the extraordinary RELX Pod Pro Rich Tobacco! This remarkable pod delivers a medium blend tobacco flavor with a delightful smoky aromatic finish, catering to individuals who crave the taste of tobacco without the unpleasant aftereffects. The latest innovation in RELX pods is the cutting-edge FEELM ceramic maze coil design, ensuring superior flavor and vapor production by eliminating internal leaks and condensation. With its remarkable 11-layer heating element, the coil guarantees an exceptional vaping experience.

Rich Tobacco takes vaping to a whole new level by utilizing concentrated extracts infused with refined aromatic components. This results in an authentic tobacco taste, accompanied by rich nutty undertones that add depth and character. Unlike ordinary e-liquid tobacco flavors that often fall flat or lack authenticity, Rich Tobacco truly stands out.

Vapor pods, also known as e-liquid pods, are the power source behind vape pens. Each pod is carefully crafted to enhance your vaping experience, blending various flavors, nicotine concentrations, and other ingredients.

RELX Pods are designed with utmost precision to cater to both novice and experienced vapers. The ingenious maze-like internal structure ensures zero leakage, even during air travel. These pods are dedicated to providing adult smokers with the ultimate vaping pleasure imaginable.

Additional information

Nicotine Strength

3%, 5%


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