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BDC Atomizer Head x 2


Our BDC series brings a whole new dimension to RCS vaping. Utilising dual coil technology in a compact body, which is permanently immersed in e-liquid, these little atomizers really do outperform the majority of the market in terms of flavour, vapour production and price. The versatile atomizer reduces the ‘dry hit’ risk associated with many wick atomizer systems and the dual coil set-up spreads the load, producing voluminous amounts of flavourful vapour from a normal 3.7v Tornado battery. Using a Tornado battery these will deliver in excess of 7.5 Watts of power when using a 1.8ohm atomizer coil. The versatility of this design means that the BDC atomizer is equally at home on variable voltage devices and there are a number of products that have been designed specifically to take advantage of this game changing technology.

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